Curiyo: Content Discovery App Updated to Inspire Topical Chat

The app now allows users to post text, audio or video clips to 'topics,' and chat about them with others.

Curiyo has announced the launch of its updated app on iOS and Android devices, giving users access to a new social feature while they browse topics they’re interested in. The Curiyo app creates a news feed of content from around the Web for each topic, including news articles, photos and social media posts.

With Curiyo, users can browse trending topics, or search for things they’re interested in. These topics include things like celebrities and companies, as examples, and can be favorited for easy access later on. Each topic has its own feed of information, including news articles, related tweets, Reddit posts, YouTube videos, images and Wikipedia entries (all where available).

Tapping on most entries loads the associated website within the app, while YouTube videos will play within the topic’s feed.

The platform’s new feature is called My2¢, and it allows users to share their opinions on a particular topic via text comments or short audio or video clips, which all appear within the topic’s feed. Users can post likes or comments to these user submissions to join the conversation.

Curiyo was created by Bob Rosenschein, the founder of In a statement, Rosenschein commented:

The big problem today is overload and distraction. Curiyo brings focused, relevant content about any person, place or thing directly to you in an all-in-one view. Today we’re releasing our new app that makes it fun and simple for any passionate person to add his or her own two cents. The best comments will earn expert reputation. The rest of us will enjoy their insights.

Curiyo is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The platform is also available on the Web.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.