Curiosity, Strategy, And Writing Skills — What PR Pros Need

We’re (kind of) sorry for doing so many of these “what skills _____ need in 2011” posts but funny enough, if you ask ten people what they think, you’ll likely get ten different answers. So in our view, the more of these the better.

Arik Hansen, owner of ACH Communications, asked six PR hiring managers/recruiters/agency owners what skills they look for when hiring.

We’ll sum up some of the results here, but you’ll have to go to Hansen’s blog to read the rest.

When six employers were asked about the most important skill or trait currently needed by PR pros, two answered “curiosity.” Jorg Pierach, president of Fast Horse, added, “The curious are rich in a business where information is the currency.” Another said “the ability to think strategically.” And only one said “solid writing skills.” “Public relations relies on content or stringing together sentences to tell a story,” Fleishman-Hillard recruiter Beth Ward told Hansen. “Writing can later be transformed into pictures, video, games or apps, but in order to create that content you need to spell it out. The act of writing also ensures that the content will be appropriate. It forces organization and completion of thought.”

Hansen also asked these pros what the most difficult skill or trait to find was (patience, confidence, business acumen were a few) and what skill they saw evolving and becoming critical to success. Check it out.