Curate Twitter Lists For The Election With ‘Politics Today’ App

The presidential election is less than two months away and to help everyone from media professionals who are covering the campaigns to  voting citizens, Mighty Mac has released a new app called Politics Today, an aggregate news app.

The $.99 app pulls content from news articles, political parties, individual journalists and leaders into one location so that readers can stay up-to-date on the issues. Users can customize who they follow, as well as specific topics that they would like to be informed on. This includes the ability to curate a list of who to follow on Twitter based on a user’s interests and political affiliations.

“Most people don’t bother to build Twitter lists of people to follow and practically no one spends the time to organize them by interest area or keep them up to date,” said Alexandre Fuchs, founder of Mighty Mack via email.

“We’ve created a series of apps where we do the research for you and select interesting people to follow in each category of interest, filter out some chaff (reply tweets etc) and focus on the links these opinion leaders put out,” continued Fuchs.