Curate Twitter Content With ShadowMe iOS App

Tendy Apps has upgraded its ShadowMe for Twitter discovery app in a move to make it easier for iOS users to view curated Twitter feeds
Using ShadowMe, Twitter users can “shadow” people that they have selected as interesting and view what these folks see in their own personal timelines. The latest upgrade includes two new features, the “group shadow” and the “suggested shadows.”
The group shadow lets organizations curate lists of conversations to follow in one news feed. For example, the non-profit organization NIMBY created a Group Shadow of its events using the handle @NimbyProject. Fans can use the feed to see tweets from NIMBY and everyone else involved with the charity in a consolidated feed.
The suggested shadow feature includes lists by category of interest curated by experts and celebrities from that category of interest. For example, the ShadowMe Stand Up list is curated by comedian Ben Kronberg. The list includes tweets from about 100 different comedians chosen by Kronberg in one consolidated feed. ShadowMe Chick Lit is curated by New York. There are 60 suggested shadows on varying subjects including sports, entertainment, technology, fashion and business.