Cuprisin Profies Griffin

From here:

    It’s clear why Jennifer Griffin had to leave her foreign posting after more than seven years in Fox News Channel’s Jerusalem bureau.

    “I have two young children and a husband, and we had been in Israel for nearly eight years and it was time to leave Israel,” explains Fox News’ new national security correspondent, based at the Pentagon. “The problem is there was not a logical place to base ourselves in the region, other than Iraq. I couldn’t take a 4- and a 5-year-old to live in Iraq right now.”

    So she’s back in the States, using years of reporting experience on the ground at the nexus of the beat she’s now covering.

    “I’ve been watching this for more than a decade, and experiencing it from different angles living in the region,” she says. “I was living in Pakistan when the Taliban was formed by an intelligence service in Pakistan.

    “All these forces have been in play for quite some time,” she says, “It all didn’t start September 11.”