CuboTerra: Restore a World of Adventure and Magic on Facebook

CuboTerra6waves has launched its latest game on Facebook, CuboTerra. The game takes players on a journey to restore a world left in shambles by an evil mechanic. Players start with a single square of land on the edge of a dense forest, and expand out to collect additional story-based characters, complete quests and more in a simulation game scenario. Users start as a shadow, but thanks to the “Avatary,” can transform their avatar into a variety of characters, including a hunter, a savage, pirate and more.

The initial gameplay of CuboTerra is similar to that of older Facebook titles, like Zynga’s Pioneer Trail. There’s a heavy emphasis on clearing debris from the land, like roots, stumps, trees and more, in order to collect building materials, with most actions in the game requiring energy to perform. Users construct homes to produce coins over time, can grow mushrooms in gardening beds and can raise animals that each produce key resources.

This mushroom production plays a special role in the game, as users research new kinds of spores in the “Mushroomery.” These spores are unlocked as players level up and collect resources to fulfill specific recipes. Some of these items can be earned by completing tasks around the forest, while others are earned by asking friends to send them over. All items can also be purchased instantly with premium currency.CuboTerra 2There’s a similar crafting mechanic required when constructing new buildings or purchasing new animals for the forest. In the case of animals specifically, players must produce “calling scrolls,” which unlock the animal(s) for purchase. Once players purchase baby animals, they must collect bottles from friends to raise them, or purchase these bottles with premium currency. After animals turn into adults, they’ll offer a limited supply of resources before growing old and becoming “golden.” When this happens, players receive a special gift, the golden animal disappears, and users can purchase a new unit to replace it.

As players construct buildings (with some items only being available to specific avatar types), they’ll raise the evolution stat of their land. Players must earn specific amounts of evolution points before unlocking land expansions, and may meet evil monkeys waiting for them in these new spaces. These monkeys, which also appear at random when clearing debris, can be defeated using energy, and players have a chance of receiving rare items when they’re defeated.

Outside of building a home in the forest, players can travel to dungeons and other locations to complete specific quests and collect key items. Early on, for instance, players (as a hunter avatar) travel to a dungeon to collect a club, which makes defeating monkeys require less energy.

For social features, users can visit their friends’ forests and complete tasks on their land each day. Users can also send free gifts to other users, which is sometimes required to complete quests, including some key quests. If gamers are playing the game alone, they may need to spend premium currency to advance the storyline in these situations.

CuboTerra is available to play for free on Facebook.