CtrlTwit Lets You Control Apps Like Pocket, MeetUp, Instagram Through Your Tweets

CtrlTwit Lets You Control Apps Like Pocket, MeetUp, Instagram Through Tweets

Here’s one for the Twitter addicts out there: a new app lets you control a host of other web services, right from within Twitter.

With ctrltwit, you can get FourSquare recommendations for restaurants, save links to Pocket or subscribe to a YouTube channel without ever having to leave Twitter.

ctrltwit works like this: when you want to access an app via Twitter, you just tweet a command. For example, if you absolutely loved a YouTube video, just reply like this:

“@user @youtube subscribe #ctrltwit”

And you’ll be subscribed to the channel of the video in the tweet you replied to.

ctrltwit calls itself a “remote control [for] your apps via Twitter,” and that’s exactly what it is. Using simple tweets that include the app’s name, an action and the hashtag #ctrltwit, you can control a number of popular web services from your Twitter account. Here’s a list of what ctrltwit can do (so far – the ctrltwit team is asking for new app suggestions on its website):

  • Check how much free space you have left in Dropbox
  • Check how many followers, like a photo, comment on a photo or follow someone on Instagram
  • Check in and get Foursquare restaurant recommendations
  • Save links to Pocket
  • RSVP to Meetup events
  • Subscribe to a YouTube channel

And possibly the best part about ctrltwit is the fact that you don’t have to register or create an account. You’ll have to log in to whichever service you tweet to the first time, but from then on ctrltwit will remember your credentials.

(Source: Lifehacker; Man holding smartphone image via Shutterstock)