CSI Starts Investigating YOU With Facebook Connect

Just when I said that the Connect video promotions had become a trend, I noticed a comment on Facebook highlighting yet another video promotion, this time for the television show CSI. This promotion involves the user depicted as a criminal who’s being pursued by the CSI team. It’s a creative use of Facebook Connect however it’s fairly similar to many of the other promotion that we’ve written about in the past, including the Fight Club promotion which we covered on Friday.

Just like all the other Connect-enabled promotions that we’ve covered, this one integrates a user’s photos and profile information into a video. So can we write about every single video that integrates Facebook Connect? At a certain point doesn’t it lose it’s novelty? Damn right. Beyond a video which pulls information from your profile, there’s fairly little to this promotion which has much appeal. Then again, we all enjoy seeing ourselves in videos, so from that perspective, this promotion technique will never get old.
I could see CBS taking this to another level by integrating your data into actual television shows but unfortunately we’re still at the very early stages of leveraging identity data for integrated media. If you want a promotion of your own, go check out the CSI Crossover promotion.