EXCLUSIVE: LA Photog Funds New Fashion Magazine

Last Wednesday, Csaba Fikker officially launched The Los Angeles Fashion Magazine website, with a monthly companion high-gloss print edition to follow in the spring of 2012.

Fikker is no stranger to entrepreneurship. Before becoming a photographer (and cinematographer), he had a hand in KPMG’s streaming media practice and a number of other start-ups, including an impressive track record with On24.

“On24 was originally News Direct that I started with two other members on a budget of $20,000,” Fikker tells FishbowlLA via email. “That company has grown from a three-person staff with no finances to 200-plus employees and a $180 million enterprise within three years’ time. The co-founder of On24, Bill Bales, then went on to create Napster, bringing me in as a senior vp of production to Napster’s sister company, Net Movies.”

“At this moment, I am financing The Los Angeles Fashion Magazine, and expect to do so for the next few months, as I am gearing up for the first round of small investments that should keep us operational until the first or second printed issue,” he continues. “In January 2012, we will prepare our second round of financing from private investors. That will be a larger cash infusion, to be used for technological developments, operational costs, offices and the executive branch of our magazine staff. We expect to become profitable by 2013.”

Fikker is currently looking for a managing editor and pays his website contributors. He feels that the combination of LA having one of the largest garment manufacturing industries in the U.S. and being home to a growing number of buzz-worthy designers makes it the perfect time to launch his fashion-focused media outlet. He promises in the coming months to be able to reveal some unique differentiating aspects of his print-web publishing model.