Crystal Ball Prediction: NPR Edition

We’re not fortune tellers but a quick glance into our crystal ball (hidden camera) this morning showed us National Public Radio Sr. VP Ron Schiller’s future…and it involved an unemployment line.  But first we saw Ronnie spewing wicked remarks about Republicans and the Tea Party while dabbling in the topic of Jewish control of the media. Schiller also noted that NPR  “would be better off without federal funding” (I’m sure that will can be arranged).

This all took place over lunch with two men (investigative journos) who identified themselves as potential NPR donors from the fictional and seemingly extremist “Muslim Education Action Center.”

Schiller joined NPR  in October 2009 after serving as Vice President for Alumni Relations and Development at the University of Chicago. Luckily for NPR CEO Vivian Schiller, Ron is no relation.

Watch the whole hot mess at Daily Caller here.

UPDATE:  Apparently Schiller accepted a job at the Aspen Institute just last week.  I guess the question is: will the non-profit keep him in the wake of this controversy?