Cruxy Launches on Facebook

Cruxy, the site for digital media creators to promote their media, has launched their Facebook application. I have to be honest, I’m extremely surprised that it took them this long to launch. Cruxy was one of the applications that was discussed back at the first Facebook Developers Meetup in New York. At that point they were speaking with authority about the quirks of the Facebook platform and stated their intention to launch within a short period. Two months later, they have launched.

The Cruxy application is relatively simple. I don’t have a Cruxy account so I didn’t experience the full force of the Cruxy application. It allows you to add your own media to your profile. If you don’t have an account, the application simply displays some of the recent users to upload media to Cruxy. While I think adding media to your profile is an extremely valuable feature, Facebook already offers a number of features to allow you to do that. Ultimately, Cruxy seems like a competitor of the application or other similar media based applications. Cruxy offers a simple method for uploading your custom media. The one thing I would suggest is allow users to easily register from within the application in order to upload files. If you want to upload your custom media, go grab the Cruxy application.