Cruise Rolls Into Town, and Gandolfini Gets Whacked Off a Vespa — Coincidence?

Vespa-Riding Gandolfini Collides With Taxi [NYP]:

The actor was motoring through Manhattan on his Vespa scooter at about 10 a.m. when he collided with a cab on Hudson Street.

Tom Cruise’s Mission: Manhattan [People]:

After zipping around Manhattan via helicopter, speedboat, subway train, sports car and fire truck, Tom Cruise arrived in an SUV Wednesday night to his final stop: the Ziegfeld Theater, where his Mission: Impossible III had its third premiere of the day.

Clearly, this town is only big enough for one Hollywood actor motoring through or zipping around it.

And, unfortunately, it’s the one that has an annoyingly enormous marketing push for his new blockbuster movie that gets to stay.