Cruci-fiction: UK Judge decries claims of “authors of pretend historical books”

Not just a win – a slam-dunk for Dan Brown.

The two year long, $3.5 million plagiarism trial surrounding “DaVince Code” has ended with a stern rebuke to the plaintiffs, per the AP.

“It would be quite wrong if fictional writers were to have their writings pored over in the way DVC (`Da Vinci Code’) has been pored over in this case by authors of pretend historical books to make an allegation of infringement of copyright,” Judge Peter Smith said in his 71-page ruling.


In the meanwhile, Brown is moving on with his quite bucolic life in Rye, New Hampshire, but is playing it safe by installing a rather imposing iron fence on his property.


“Whether it’s the paparazzi or someone who wants to pour goat’s blood on the steps or just someone who wants a picture, it’s our job to offer him and his family the same protection we would anyone else in town,” said Alan Gould, the police chief of Rye.

Goat’s blood? Memo to the town elder’s of Rye: Possible new Chamber of Commerce slogan? “Rye. Come for the foliage; stay for the goat’s blood.”