Crowdstar’s Top Girl Passes 1 Million Downloads, Becomes Top-Grossing App

CrowdStar’s second serious foray into mobile gaming looks like it’s paying off.

The company’s recently released app Top Girl surpassed 1 million downloads in 10 days, which isn’t an especially unusual benchmark or pace for a free app these days. Most of the top 10 free apps should do at least 100,000 downloads a day globally so any app that maintains consistent rank in the top 10 for 10 days should probably do at least 1 million downloads.

But it’s still a milestone the company feels is worth noting. The app’s performance so far stands in contrast to Crowdstar’s earlier attempts at the mobile space. The last app the company did was a companion app to a Facebook game It Girl, which hobbled it from reaching a broader audience.

Crowdstar learned from that experience and decided to make a fully-featured app focused at the casual female audience. Even though the game is sometimes jarringly sexist with players basically trying to look really good in clothing and get boyfriends, it is performing well financially.

Top Girl ousted Pocket Gems’ Tap Pet Hotel and Rovio’s Angry Birds to rise to the top of the grossing lists. It monetizes through the sale of virtual cash or coins, that can be exchanged for energy or clothing. It looks like Crowdstar probably set up a decently-sized marketing budget for the app too, given that it would be difficult to get an app to the top of the grossing lists without an existing user base to cross-promote it to.