CrowdStar Runs Its Own Virtual Goods Campaign to Help Out with the Oil Spill

As crude oil continues to pour from the hole in the earth down in the Gulf of Mexico, social developers have been launching various campaigns to help out. Just today, however, CrowdStar started their own efforts to raise funds within their popular Facebook application, Zoo Paradise, in a campaign dubbed “CrowdStar Cares. “

Reaching over 4.6 million monthly active users within Zoo Paradise (out of nearly 40 millionacross all their titles), the social game maker has launched a new virtual zoo animal called the Golden Sea Turtle. Costing 29 Facebook Credits, 100% of all proceeds generated will go directly to the National Wildlife Federation, who is attempting to raise enough funds to mobilize volunteers to help not only contain what they can of the oil spill, but attempt to protect the 400+ species of threatened wildlife.

Though 29 Credits cannot be purchased exactly, users can use methods such as PayPal, game cards, and various offer completions to earn them. If they wish to pay directly they can be bought in increments of 50, 105, and 240 that cost $5, $10, and $20 respectively. There appears to be no time limit posted (though it is stated to “limited”) for how long the Golden Sea Turtle animal will be around, so hopefully, it will be available for some time.

This is the second notable campaign from social games developers that we’ve seen recently, although virtual goods for charity is on track to be more of a trend. Earlier this week we noted Zynga’s partnership with the National Audubon Society and their Gulf Coast Turtle campaign that began recently.

On another note, it appears that CrowdStar has also updated all of its top five titles to incorporate virtual goods for the Gulf Spill cause. This includes a Peewee Sea Duck in Happy Pets, a Bottlenose Dolphin in Happy Acquarium, a Bottlenose Dolphin Pod in Happy Island, and a block of “Wildlife” in Hello City. As with the Golden Sea Turtle, 100% of all proceeds go to the National Wildlife Federation.

Given the difficulties in preventing damage and cleaning up the spill, every little bit counts.