Crowded Fiction Helps Kids Learn to Read by Employing Video Game Tactics

Dyslexic video game maker Joe Booth has designed a new iPad app for reading called Crowded Fiction. The eBook app is aimed at getting kids nine years old and older excited about reading using storytelling ideas from video games. The app brings fiction to life by making it interactive, tactile, and social.

Vidya Gamer LLC today announces the launch of Crowded Fiction for iPad. Booth, who published the game through his company Vidya Gamer, approached the design with the fundamental mission of making eBooks more like video games.

The first story to launch on the app is called Jackson’s Choice. The story involves young readers by asking them to participate in the story. They virtually throw punches in a fight scene and steer through an explosive car chase. The app is available as a free download, and it comes with the first chapter of the story. From there, readers have to purchase the rest of the eBook.