Crossword Combat launches for free on a browser near you

crossword combat 650

Independent game developer Blue Fondue has announced the worldwide release of Crossword Combat, a browser-based word game that sees users completing a crossword grid with any words that come to mind, so long as they fit into the grid’s horizontal and vertical letter placements.

In each game, players have two minutes to fill the grid, with certain letters offering bonus points and others resulting in penalties. For instance, using the letters O or P could offer bonus points, while using X takes away points. These letters are different in each game. In addition, each game has a required letter, which must be used in at least one word on the grid.

While it’s easy to get going, the final few words on the grid are typically the hardest to complete, since other letters are already in place from other words. Thankfully, users can swap letters at any time to correct misspellings or otherwise make the entire puzzle “fit.”

The game keeps track of proper spelling and duplicate words, and penalizes players accordingly, if they’re left until the end of the game. Users earn experience points for each game they complete, whether the grid has been filled in time or not. A hint system helps players fill in the grid, in cases where they might be backed into a corner, but only one hint can be used per game.

While Crossword Combat is played as a single-player experience (that is, each player has their own grid), the game is technically multiplayer. At the end of each game, users can track their rankings against other players in terms of overall scoring percentile.

Crossword Combat is available to play for free in browsers, without registering for an account. Creating an account allows users to save their stats for next time. The game was built with HTML5, and will be released on MSN Games soon.