‘Crossfire’ To Die June 3

Make no mistake: Washington as we know it is dying. The capital of the free world will cease to exist in its present form by June 3rd.

In the next week, we’ll see Anne Schroeder and Rich Leiby abandon the Reliable Source and Page C3 of the Style section, and in the next month, word today that we’ll see Judy Woodruff leave CNN’s ‘Inside Politics’ and ‘Crossfire,’ months after it was given a death sentence, will be put out to pasture on June 3, according to the Philly Inquirer.

What will the Post-Apocalyptic Washington look like? No one knows. For a brief while, IP with a new mystery host will expand to 3:30 to 5 p.m. until Wolf Blitzer seizes control on his mad march for world domination–or, at the least, complete and utter domination of CNN. Blitzer tried to complain about his workload to his father, set to now be at least 15 hours of on-air time a week, and Pere Blitzer snapped back: “I used to work at Bethlehem Steel. That’s hard work. What you’re doing isn’t hard work.”