A Handy Roadmap To What You Can Cross-Post From One Social Network To Another

The flow of data around the social web can make finding each thread’s origin tricky.

ReadWrite produced a fantastic map that displays the intricate relationships among today’s major social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr and Path.

ReadWrite distinguishes between “sources” – points of creation of content, like Instagram is for mobile photos and Foursquare is for social check-ins) – and “sinks” – the ultimate place of consumption for a social update, as Facebook is when you post your Pinterest pins to your timeline.

Like each of the other examined networks, Twitter can be both a source and a sink – though the latter tends to not be a best practice (how annoying is it seeing constant Foursquare check-ins on Twitter from someone you follow, or having to click on an Instagram link rather than seeing it natively in your Twitter feed?).

But Twitter, along with Facebook, has also been the most contentious lately in terms of working symbiotically with other networks to allow cross-posting and friend list integration. Not only did Twitter cut off the ability to find friends on Instagram (which Facebook reciprocated with Vine), it removed its tweet-sync with LinkedIn as well.

Check out the full “Sources and Sinks” roadmap, below, for a glance at what you can currently post from one network to another (click to enlarge):

(Source: ReadWrite. GPS image via Shutterstock.)