Cross-platform ad firm Flite to partner with Facebook’s Atlas


Not much has been said about Atlas since Facebook purchased the advertising suite from Microsoft last year. However, a new partnership with cloud-based cross-platform advertising company Flite could help Facebook advertisers deliver better results off the site.

Flite announced Wednesday that the company has partnered with Atlas to offer customers an innovative new solution for display advertising. The Flite Design Studio, which specializes in real-time content advertising, will be integrated into Atlas’ ad-server solution.

Here’s what the partnership means for digital advertisers:

  • Seamless integration between Flite’s creative studio and Atlas’s ad server and analytics
  • Multi-screen support with HTML5 ads that work across both mobile and desktop environments
  • The ability to easily stream dynamic and social content—including videos, Facebook, Twitter, image galleries, and more—into ads
  • Live updates to ads without having to retraffic tags
  • Comprehensive reporting, including deep engagement metrics

Flite CEO Will Price and Vice President of Engineering Toshinari Kureha talked with Inside Facebook about the impact that this partnership will have on Flite, Atlas, Facebook and Facebook advertisers.

Flite works with some of the top brands all over the world — such as Forbes, Conde Nast, Kellogg’s and Shell — on real-time, content-based marketing.

Now, advertisers who use Atlas have access to Flite’s Design Studio HTML5, which enables advertisers to build HTML5 and Flash ads for desktop  and mobile. This will allow advertisers to build dynamic ads, traffic them through Atlas and capitalize on robust metrics reporting.


Kureha discussed why Atlas is partnering with Flite and what this means for Facebook advertisers who utilize Atlas technology:

One of the reasons why Atlas and Facebook chose us is really our capability where you can pull in content in real time, as well as the ability to do what we call agile marketing, where you just pull in information that you need in real time and push it out there.

Price, who told Inside Facebook that Atlas’ goal is to build an industry-leading third-party ad server, commented on the partnership in a press release:

We’re excited to bring Flite’s creative studio to Atlas’s robust trafficking and analytics platform for advertisers. The integrated offering empowers marketers to embrace the most effective approaches, including real-time marketing, for delivering engaging, content-rich digital advertising for a multi-screen world.

 Erik Johnson, Head of Atlas, welcomed Flite’s contributions:

Our partnership with Flite combines Atlas’ ad serving and comprehensive analytics with Flite’s innovate, rich ad formats and creative tools. Working together will allow our clients and agencies to employ richer ad experiences as well as streamline both workflow and operations.  We look forward to working with Flite to drive value to the advertiser, agency, and ultimately the ecosystem.

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