‘The Fat Jew’ Turns NYC Subway Platform Into Bikram Yoga Studio

Those familiar with The Crosby Press, an NYC digital magazine for “guys like us,” are aware that in this case “The Fat Jew” refers to a trusted website contributor and occasional TV talking head Fabrizio Goldstein. The rest of you, click the embedded link or simply consider that the comedian in question, under that moniker, currently has upwards of 125,000 Twitter followers.

In the [since removed YouTube] video, TFJ proves that an August New York heatwave can turn a subway platform into the perfect, temperate place for Bikram yoga. The funniest part of the footage is how the person who happened upon the weird scene can be heard chuckling.

For yoga purists, here’s the skinny on how this cheaper Bikram alternative fit the bill:

According to Fat Jew, who also teaches SoulCycle classes to homeless folks using docked Citibikes, Bikram yoga is to be practiced in 105 degree heat with 40 percent humidity, and a subway platform in August clocks in at about 108 degrees and 90% humidity. Which is gross, but at least it’s helping the unfortunate center their chi!