Cropp Blames The Post

From WTOP:

    WASHINGTON — On Jan. 2, Linda Cropp will step down as D.C. City Council Chair after losing to Adrian Fenty in the race for mayor.

    Cropp suffered the biggest defeat in city history by losing all 142 precincts in her bid for mayor. She says she lost because of biased coverage from the Washington Post.

    While Cropp credits Fenty for an aggressive campaign, she blames the Washington Post for providing unfair coverage.

    “The Washington Post was his P.R. firm,” she says.

    Ironically, Cropp made the comment Friday morning on Washington Post Radio’s Politics Program with WTOP’s Mark Plotkin.

    In addition to the news coverage, the photos the paper ran were biased as well, Cropp says.

    “Four-by-six beautiful pictures with him — postage stamp pictures of Linda Cropp at very awful poses,” she says.

    Cropp says her complaints to the Washington Post were dismissed.

    “They said they don’t have to do equal time. They are a private paper and can do whatever they want,” she says.

    Calls to the Washington Post were not returned.