Ustream Show Casting Far and Wide for New Co-Host

The aggregate reach of CRN Digital’s weekend showbiz show LA LA Land is 11 million+ U.S. homes. Currently, the Sunland, CA-based broadcaster is hoping to mine one of those households for on-air gold.

Viewers who feel qualified are being asked to submit a digital video audition for consideration as Brett Chapin’s next co-host. The contest entry deadline is this Friday, October 19, to be followed by some broadcast tryouts:

Five finalists will be selected to co-host shows from October 24 to November 16. Viewers will be asked to vote on the finalists and the winner will be announced on the air November 24.

What makes this so cool is that the guests and phone calls on LA LA Land are all about encouraging aspiring Hollywood artists. Through this contest, CRN is about to put one lucky listener on the very pragmatic fast track. The winner will be replacing actress Daisy Egan.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.