Critter Conquest: Build and command your Facebook army with a twist


Just as there are dozens of bubble-popping and match-three games on Facebook, the “kingdom-building combat” genre has also become incredibly popular on the service with games like Battlefront Heroes and Deep Space Fleet, among many others. Adding to this selection is Clipwire Games’ Critter Conquest,  which offers both multiplayer combat and a level-based single player campaign.

In each level of combat, players attack computer-controlled bases by clicking and holding their mouse button to deploy troops. Troops attack nearby structures automatically, and players earn up to three stars on each stage depending on their performance.

Multiplayer combat is similar, as players click on a “Versus” button to view a random enemy base. Players can click on the “Next” button until they find a base they’d like to attack, with combat still taking place automatically once troops are deployed.


Back at base, players can construct weapons to defend their kingdom when they’re away, as well as lumber mills and juicers to produce wood and juice, the game’s two main resources. Wood is used to construct additional buildings, or upgrade others to increase their productivity, while juice is used to produce new troops. These resources are also earned in bulk during combat.

Battles in Critter Conquest do offer a few differences, when compared to similar games. For one, players aren’t required to recruit troops at home before heading into battle. Instead, they build statues in their base to unlock troop types, and can deploy as many as they’d like in the middle of battle by spending juice (up to the battle’s specific troop limit).

Players can deploy troops of multiple kinds in the same battle, with stronger units requiring more juice to purchase. A power-ups system also allows players to spend juice to stun enemy weapons, increase the battle’s timer and more.

Critter Conquest is available to play for free on Facebook. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.