Critiquing Al Gore’s ‘We’


Steven Heller‘s story in the Times from the other day about Al Gore‘s new campaign logo is getting some attention from the apparently anti-design Ken Wheaton over at AdAge, who doesn’t think much of either the new logo itself, nor that Heller thought it was worth talking about (why someone who writes for a trade magazine would be upset about something being written about their industry, in, at least, a tangential way and, at most, a clearly, very direct way, boggles the mind). But Wheaton’s reaction is neither here not there, as it gets fun when you dip into the comments, looking to see what people think about the logo itself. We’d say it’s about 50/50, with the common person saying, “Eh, it’s boring and unoriginal” and the more design-minded saying how well it works. So we’d say it rates about the same as every logo created during the first 5 million years of human history.