Critique This Cover Letter: Columnist Seeks Marketing Job

We got the following letter in our inbox this morning from a writer who applied for a job at a marketing firm. He said the letter didn’t get him the gig, but he did land an interview and the promise of freelance work.

John, the writer, asked for any tweaks that might help him land a gig for next time in this tough market.

So, without further ado, read on for the letter and a few tweaks from us. Leave your further suggestions in the comments.

Greetings [company]:

Spurred by the fact that your Craigslist post mentions two concerns I’ve previously covered (one extensively), and that it specifically cites the Gables (where I live), I figured it best I throw my hat into the proverbial ring forthwith.

Consider this exactly that.

As for the aforementioned concerns, they are The Miami Seaquarium and Goldman Properties. At the former I swung with Flipper (so to speak) for 944 Magazine (; the latter’s Joey’s I’ve plugged in 944 (, NBC Miami ( &, and, most recently, BlackBook ( and SunPost Weekly ( I’ve also plugged the Goldmans’ Wynwood Kitchen & Bar in NBC Miami (

All of which is to say I’ve got a good headstart on [company] action. Since I fancy myself a rather quick study, not to mention quite fast on my feet (he said immodestly), I dare say it’d be a cinch to hit the ground running.

Now before I resort to any more tried and true cliches, I should mention that the obligatory CV is attached, and that links to my current columns can be found below, along with those to my various social media profiles. As you might suspect from someone who files 7-10 pieces a week, I’m a stickler for deadlines. In fact, I not only meet (and often beat) them; I chase them wherever they take me.

Today that’s to [company]. I’d be thrilled if that would also be tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next…

Please let me know if I might provide further information and/or when I might swing in for a sitdown to discuss my candidacy.

Meantime, I thank you kindly for your consideration.
John Hood: Columnist
BlackBook, NBC Miami, SunPost Weekly

Our take, without having seen the job description, is that John’s voice, which is perfect for a columnist, might be a bit too much for a marketing firm (which needs its writers to be able to take on the voice of any number of its clients). We’d tone it down —but only slightly, because this is clearly who he is and it’s worked for him so far. Plus, the letter did land him an interview.

What do you think, though?