Critic Elvis Mitchell Joins LACMA’s Film Program as Curator

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has perhaps the most discussed film program in the country, though not always for its films. After a long slog of negative press between 2009 and 2010, with several threats of high-profile but ultimately avoided financial cutbacks, the program has been on an upward “good news” trajectory for some time now. First, the museum announced back in the spring that they’d partnered with Film Independent to help keep the program strong and growing, and now they’ve announced that long-time film critic Elvis Mitchell will be joining the program, serving as curator of a new weekly film series. Mitchell, who was perhaps most well known during his time at the NY Times, but was most recently, and only for three months, the lead critic at Movieline, will relocate to Los Angeles to fill to LACMA position. It will also bring him closer to his other job, which he’s had since the mid-90s, as the host of KCRW‘s show, The Treatment. Here’s a bit from the LA Times about his taking on the new role:

In perhaps a reference to his own employment restlessness, Mitchell said of the LACMA announcement: “This position is a double reunion for me. Selling tickets at the Bing Theater at LACMA was my first job in L.A., and to get to return to supervise a program at a place that is an intersection of art and popular culture is a dream come true…I couldn’t be happier. That is, until I get started.”