Crispin Porter and Refresh Partners Launch Whopper Sacrifice App for Burger King

“Ten of your friends were just sacrificed for a Whopper” has been making the rounds through Facebook’s News Feed today. Why?

A new application from Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Toronto-based Refresh Partners called Whopper Sacrifice offers Facebook users the chance to “sacrifice” 10 of their Facebook friends in exchange for a free Whopper coupon. The promotion, which just launched yesterday, has caught on and spread rapidly to tens of thousands of Facebook users throughout the day today.

Crispin Porter and Refresh have made clever use off CSS hacks and iframes to create a “fun” experience around deleting Facebook friends. It’s the first app we’ve seen that makes prominent use of friend removals.

And while normal friend removals happen without a notification being sent to the deleted friend, the Whopper Sacrifice sends deleted friends a note letting them know they’ve “been sacrificed for a Whopper” before they are indeed actually removed from users’ Facebook friend list. (Removed friends are still able to re-initiate friend requests after being removed though.)

The Burger King app is a great example of a simple concept applied to the social graph in a branded way. It may not last forever, but it’s a lot more engaging and meaningful than a banner ad.