Crisis Comms 101: Announcing a Government Shutdown

Today’s shutdown story is all about party politics, and any public opinion poll will tell you it’s terrible PR for the representatives responsible (in the abstract, at least). But our readers should appreciate the fact that communications teams at almost every publicly funded organization in the country had a job to do today: let everyone know how this stupid melodrama will affect their operations.

Let’s review how some of them did it and what it means.

No more awesome intergalactic Instagram:

No more lines at the Air and Space Museum:

No more PandaCam:

No more non-answers to licensing queries:

No more internal “I probably shouldn’t eat these Doritos; I work for the USDA” debates:

No dirty hippies testing the quality of your local water supply or regulating your least favorite energy company:

No more researching your senior thesis on post-Depression economics:

No chasing bears around Yosemite, which totally kills today’s Google Doodle:

No more of the world’s most tedious press releases:

This is obviously a serious matter, but we kind of wish they’d had more fun with it. The dumb jokes write themselves.