Cris Collinsworth Launches Football Website

NFL commentator Cris Collinsworth has quietly launched a new football website, Football Pros Live.
For the moment, the site is pretty sparse, featuring articles written by Collinsworth and some other contributors to the site. There is also a message board, which already has football fans debating the 2010 schedule, and who the top 5 QBs in the league are.
Tonight at 9 p.m., Collinsworth will conduct a live video chat with site visitors, answering any of their burning NFL questions.
The site is still very raw, both in terms of its presentation and its content, but it clearly has potential. With John Madden having retired, Collinsworth is arguably the top NFL commentator out there. By taking his talents straight to the football-loving public, he is essentially bypassing the traditional media companies that employ him.
Of course, Collinsworth will likely be doing live chats for NBC once Fall rolls around and “Sunday Night Football” kicks into high gear, but now hardcore fans don’t have to wait.
Plus where else would you get his take on the other football, aka soccer?