Crimes Against Urbanity (First in a Series)

Crimes Against Urbanity (First in a Series)

My Sunday walk provided lots of fodder for UnBeige. (I am almost certain that it qualifies the hot chocolate I got at Balthazar Bakery as a write-off.)

On our way to Soho, my friend Ryan insisted that I take a photograph of the monstrosity shown here. It is but one of many construction projects that are currently underway along the Bowery in lower Manhattan. They’re not all so bad as this one, but the sum total of them will most certainly transform the area entirely, in one way or another Well, in one way AND lots of others.

This particular building’s is almost redeemed by its setbacks, but no: If you look at the how it fronts on to the narrow side street, the setback starts so high, it does little to curtail the fact that this behemoth is clearly out of place amongst the surrounding buildings.

I’ve heard rumors that the owner of the building is none other than the Church of Scientology which puts it at cultural odds with the community as well. (In my humble opinion and all that.)

It seems that contemporary building projects rarely aspire to match the great buildings constructed in years past, perhaps heralding A Dark Age Ahead. All hand-wringing aside, it’s buildings like these that I will skewer with glee here on UnBeige.

What’s the latest monstrosity in your community? Email your pictures to jen AT unbeige DOT com.