Crime City Becomes Don of This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by MAU

Crime City has finally climbed to the top of our weekly AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook games by monthly active users. The Funzio game, which has been out for just over a month, has quickly become one of the most successful games from a developer outside the top four this year.

Here’s the full list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1.App_2_129547877091100_7928 Crime City3,914,363+1,189,145+44%
2.App_2_120563477996213_5785 Ravenwood Fair2,437,040+865,539+55%
3.Original Texas HoldEm Poker 36,854,573+751,762+2%
4.Original Zoo World8,245,210+724,970+10%
5.App_2_152645868106521_5766 My Kingdom1,902,183+667,271+54%
6.App_2_157531047591855_5508 Simply Hospital1,156,790+448,768+63%
7.App_2_256799621935_1837 Car Town6,468,587+365,863+6%
8.App_2_119866041395334_6883 It Girl4,812,542+332,909+7%
9.App_2_146340918729491_2110 BRAAAINS1,269,885+309,443+32%
10.Original Pogo Games591,251+301,285+104%
11.Original Millionaire City12,130,456+286,258+2%
12.Original Evony817,957+280,524+52%
13.App_2_45706744835_5418 World War1,951,231+259,941+15%
14.App_2_141437422542260_5503 CSI: Crime City595,620+232,362+64%
15.Original Mall World5,623,170+227,853+4%
16.App_2_124337590941383_3261 Legacy of Rome1,201,689+216,399+22%
17.Original Backyard Monsters2,883,049+203,364+8%
18.App_2_149314558413832_1420 小小戰爭1,128,458+198,470+21%
19.App_2_165142503498057_3835 Route du Rhum – La Banque Postale253,666+195,336+335%
20.Original Monster World4,542,559+192,652+4%

The success of Crime City is doubly impressive considering that Funzio is a virtual unknown in social gaming — though the company does have experience in both Facebook and mobile gaming. Funzio isn’t alone on this list, in terms of combining great success with a low profile; Cie Games, which has Car Town at number seven this week, is much the same in that regard.

Number two is Ravenwood Fair, from LOLapps. As we noted in a story on the rapid fall of LOLapps’ other, suspended apps on Friday, Ravenwood’s viral channels have been suspended by Facebook for some separate infraction and will, apparently, return this Wednesday. In the meantime, the strong growth seen above is probably being significantly dented; the results of the suspension appear in the app’s DAU:

My Kingdom is the latest Chinese-language game to grow quickly — very quickly, in fact, given that the population of users that can read it is only a fraction of those who might be able to play a game like Crime City. It’s a kingdom management game with a strong farming element, much like We Rule.

Few of the games on this week’s list are new to it. Only Pogo Games is really a newcomer; Electronic Arts seems to have finally decided to promote the game portal, which is a small subsidiary of the gaming giant.