Crime, Brains and Cupcakes on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

The next generation of Facebook RPGs is here, and its name is Crime City. The new Funzio title leads this week’s AppData list of emerging Facebook games, defined as those still under a million monthly active users, with 301,947 new MAU.

Here’s the list in full:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Crime City628,109+301,947+93%
2. BRAAAINS225,207+221,356+5,748%
3. Cupcake Corner959,457+208,045+28%
4. Toy Land752,563+163,761+28%
5. Wheel Of Fortune396,461+148,096+60%
6. Coffee Bar201,174+148,006+278%
7. Jersey Shore660,755+129,919+24%
8. King.com328,873+124,333+61%
9. Bingo Island 2603,943+122,597+25%
10. Mynet Çanak Okey685,946+115,423+20%
11. 開心水果(开心水果)811,720+108,996+16%
12. Gourmet Ranch561,055+106,559+23%
13. Evony431,167+104,627+32%
14. 創世紀2012981,012+98,854+11%
15. Green Farm536,509+96,237+22%
16. Bingo Charms336,228+94,011+39%
17. Party Central246,400+92,269+60%
18. 夢幻都市129,409+92,239+248%
19. My Sweet Shop594,331+89,392+18%
20. 彈彈堂 – Efunfun繁體版126,011+83,064+193%

What makes Crime City a next-gen RPG? It takes less than you might think. The game, which first appeared on last week’s emerging list, uses standard Facebook mechanics (one-click missions that can’t be failed), but with a 2.5D graphical overlay. The graphics serve to make a infinitely copied game concepts fresh again. Check it out, or just read our review.

BRAAAINS comes in next, with 225,356 MAU gained. This Broken Bulb Studios game reuses the same layout and mechanics that this development team used for Ninja Warz and then Office Wars, with players recruiting teams of zombies to fight other players. However, each new title has also evolved the concept, and BRAAAINS is getting good reviews so far.

OMGPOP’s restaurant sim Cupcake Corner is about to turn the million user corner. It’s followed by Toy Land, from RockYou!, which despite building respectable MAU has very poor stickiness, or the percentage of daily active players to MAUs. Right now the DAU / MAU is six percent, but it was as low as one percent toward the beginning of the week.

We can’t cover every entry on the list, but is at least worth pointing out. The skill gaming portal has been on Facebook for months, but its traffic has been in a holding pattern for quite a long time, too. But the company must be watching the success of competitor GSN, which, not coincidentally, has Wheel Of Fortune on the list at number five.