Crikey Dishes It Back Col Allan’s Way

Down Under website labels New York Post editor a hypocrite.

CrikeyLogoAustralian website Crikey has a long history with New York Post editor Col Allan. At its launch in February 2000, it made waves with a profile of Allan titled “Pissing in the Sink.” Today, Crikey is the latest outlet to take Allan’s paper to task for some recent outsized coverage of a homeless man on the Upper West Side.

From Crikey’s Media Briefs:

Stench of Col Allan’s hypocrisy infects New York nostrils. The New York Post is largely ignored these days as Col Allan’s disastrous editorship draws to a close, but recently the rag has been taking on an extra air of feralness. Over the weekend, Allan decided to splash with three consecutive days of “coverage” of the peeing habits of an Upper West Side homeless man, dispatching 16 dipshit reporters and multiple photographers to capture the scoop -  we’re glad to report, Crikey alumna Amber Jamieson (now at the Post) was not among them . The alleged aim was something about the decline of Rudy Giuliani’s “broken windows” policing policies but the effect was to humiliate 49-year-old John Tucker for life. What Post readers probably don’t realize is that Allan has a public pissing record far worse than the defenseless victim he pilloried on two front pages.

The headline of the original Crikey piece wasn’t fully explained by the article text. As a result, in August of that same year, profile author Stephen Mayne filled in the blanks. From his follow-up:

Without wishing to dwell on it too much, Col could not be bothered walking across the newsroom and therefore would urinate in the [kitchen] sink in his office. Thankfully, the sink was in a little cupboard because Col would do this in the middle of news conference about once every two months.

My first experience of it came as he was halfway through a story about fishing in the Whitsundays with Rupert. It was the classic “one that got away” tale and Col continued it as we could all hear him piddling. He emerged from the cupboard pulling up his fly to round off his tale of how the entire fishing rod snapped under the weight of this great marlin (??) he was trying to land.

Lachlan Murdoch would come to conference about once every two months as well but would always arrive halfway through. Col never relieved himself in front of Lachlan but there was one occasion where Col had literally just sat back down when Lachlan walked in. Close shave that.