Manager Recalls the Muddying of Creedence Clearwater Revival

Any article that begins with a Hunter S. Thompson quote is fine by FishbowlLA. That’s the case with “The Fortunate Son: Part 5,” a fantastic, must-read excerpted remembrance of the late 1960s rise and fall of Creedence Clearwater Revival, written by the band’s former manager Jake Rohrer.

Rohrer charts the fortuitous timing of the band’s first album with the emergence of San Francisco underground FM radio station KSAN. But just a few years later, the wheels started to come off for CCR in 1970 as they hired powerful PR firm Rogers & Cowan:

It was among several questionable moves the band adopted at the time to help establish CCR at the top of the heap, somehow ignoring the fact that they had already arrived there on their own… The firm conceived what we came to refer to as “Night of the Generals,” a gala [San Francisco] press junket where we flew in all the prestigious rock journalists from all over the country. We put them up at Berkeley’s Claremont Hotel, wined and dined them at the “Factory,” CCR headquarters in Berkeley…

A few members of the elite press corps, most notably New York critic and blue-ribbon asshole, Al Aronowitz, took full advantage of all the free perks, only to write whiny, self centered articles that largely ignored the music and bitched about the slightly less than royal treatment received at the hands of these West Coast upstarts. F*ck you, Al.

The article winds its way to the leased Lear jet that would plunge the band into the “waiting abyss.” The entire series of serialized Rohrer memoir excerpts for Boonville, CA’s Anderson Valley Advertiser can be found here. Bookmark, and enjoy.