Creatives and Programmatic Players Are Increasingly Getting on the Same Page

Trade Desk COO Rob Perdue on an evolving industry

CANNES, France—Rob Perdue, chief operating officer at The Trade Desk, is attending his third Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and has seen firsthand how programmatic advertising has increasingly become a bigger focus of discussions. 

"We have become more and more a part of the fabric of Cannes," Perdue said. He added, "The size, the quantity and the quality of our meetings has increased every year. And so we plan to invest in Cannes more every year and see this as one of our most important events."

Trade Desk, which builds programmatic technology for media agencies, represents a growing part of an industry that's focused on bridging the gap between marketers and the automated buying of TV and online video. Cannes panels have sometimes centered on demystifying the space. 

"I think creatives are becoming less intimidated by the rise of programmatic than ever," Perdue said. "I think there's a better understanding on the creative side. But frankly, there's a better understanding on the programmatic side of how creative informs not only the performance but also the emotional appeal of programmatic advertising."

Check out the full interview with The Trade Desk exec in the video above. 

Adweek is highlighting the perspectives of a variety of marketers and tech players at Cannes Lions. Disclosure: The Trade Desk is an Adweek advertiser.

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