Creative Dating on Facebook

This weekend I was emailed about a pretty slick application for dating and flirting. After playing around with the application for a few hours I still don’t completely understand it. That’s not a bad thing though because the fact remains that I continued playing with the application for a few hours which is pretty impressive for an app. The “Human Pets” applications functions similarly to the increasingly popular You gain points by being active on the application. Those points can then be used to bid on individuals that can eventually become your “pet.” There are currently around 65,000 people using this application but I’m guessing it will only get more popular.

Human Pets provides users with a quirky way for flirting with each other. I also noticed that a large portion of the users spend a significant amount of time browsing and bidding within the application. Some “auctions” are bidding at extremely high amounts. I’m still a little confused about how to gain more points but this application is pretty entertaining. If you want to flirt with other people on Facebook, I highly recommend that you check out the Human Pets application.