Creation Museum Opens Doors to Share Craziness With the World


Probably the most important day was today in what’ll likely be one of the biggest museum stories of the year: The Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky opened their doors to the public today, allowing people a look at $27 million dollars worth of crazy. You’ve no doubt heard at least stirrings about it by this point, the museum put together by the Answers in Genesis foundation that takes the Christian bible completely literally and features things like displays of people and dinosaurs running around together, section of what Noah’s Ark must have looked like, and lots and lots of un-scientific facts being passed off as reality. Now, after reading those last couple of sentences, you understand that we’re a little biased, so it’ll be nice for you to read the NY Times‘ sneak peek at the museum, wherein writer Edward Rothstein takes a very gentle approach and gives the whole thing a very fair, sometimes even praise-worthy review, by essentially saying, “Sure, it doesn’t make any sense, but if you take it for what it is, here are the positives and negatives about it.” But, even after reading Rothstein’s essay, you’re still bewildered, maybe take a trip over to the site for Rally for Reason, the group who has been out there all day in front of the museum protesting and calling for people to come to their senses. And, if you like that, you should definitely read our favorite response to all of this yet: this opinion piece from the LA Times, “Yabba-Dabba Science.”