Creating Art Via Twitter

Much ado is often made about creating art via Facebook, but I’m here to tell you that it’s just as thrilling over here on Twitter.  Whether you want to create something on your own or with others, Twitter is one of the best tools to let you curate to your heart’s content.

Take a look:

1. TwitPaint

TwitPaint lets you paint graffiti and post it on Twitter. You create your work using a brush. You choose the colour, width and opacity.  But you’ve only got 140 strokes, which makes it a truly unique challenge. Then you can add up to 100 characters to comment on your piece. A huge cool factor is the remix feature which “allows you to remix an existing graffiti piece by painting over it and creating a whole new piece but based on the first one. All remixed pieces are linked to their parents and children so you can follow their evolution.” Pretty amazing.

2. Don’t Tell Ashton

Ashton Kutcher was the first to get a million followers. He’s also created his own Twitter app, APlus. This drives some people crazy. So an initiative from the Interactive Communication class at Berghs School of Communication created the “world’s first artwork made by Twitter users.” To join in on the fun, you simply tweet and get your profile pic inside the frame. The size will be determined by how many followers you have. The artwork will later be translated into a hard copy by Jon Holm, a Swedish artist. Hey, it’s one way to be immortalized…

3. Twitter Mosaic

If you want art that means something to you, Twitter Mosaic is it.  Enter your twitter username and then decide if you want it to cull your followers or friends. Once you’ve chosen, click “go” and watch the magic unveil. The profile pics of your peeps gathers together in one beautiful collage. You can delete ones you don’t want (nice touch) and then proceed to get the image on a mug, t-shirt, iphone case or mousepad. Just one way to keep your friends close.

4. Squidoo’s One Line Ascii Art

You’ve probably seen them show up on your feed. A message that somehow creates graphics from simple text. Now you can join in on the fun. Squidioo shows you how to include koala bears, pie fights, sleeping baby with pillow in your tweets as well as embellish your messages with what looks like sprinkled fairy dust. It might not make you the next Picasso, but no doubt it will impress your followers.

Of course one of the best ways Twitter is helping to create art is people updating their works and projects and calling out for contributors. If you’re an artist or want to be one, Twitter is where you want to be. So spread the news about your latest photo exhibit or send out an announcement that your work is showing at your neighbourhood coffee shop. Celebrate your unique talents and let others share in your excitement.

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