Creating A Successful Facebook Application

There has been so much talk about what makes a successful application on Facebook. I’m starting to realize what really makes them successful. Last night Eric Schiller notified me of an application that him and his friend Matt Carpenter created. The application is called “Pee on Your Friends.” I have refrained from writing about these types of applications until now. It is completely frustrating to watch dumb applications become popular, but I am watching it happen time and time again. Conversely, an application like Razoo’s Speed Granting in which $1,000 cash is given away twice a month for positive causes fails to experience similar growth. In the long run I firmly believe that these thought out applications will succeed but a look at the top 100 applications on Facebook proves otherwise. This is not to say that the top 100 applications are entirely junk, but a lot of them are just not useful. If you want to create a popular application you must make your application insight laughter, help people date more easily or help people show off. That’s it! While a few thousand tech people will take advantage of applications such as the Google reader application, Digg’s application or others, the most successful apps will cater to basic human desires. You can still gain thousands of users quickly but don’t expect to make a useful application that is going to rapidly gain millions of users. The one thing I wonder though is whether or not this will be what looses the tech people. After months pass with the same types of applications succeeding, will the professional users (and bloggers) get tired of using it? I don’t know. One thing I do know is that my mom has now joined Facebook and it has rapidly become a cultural phenomenon. Do you think the first adopters are going to leave the Facebook scene soon?