Create Your Quiz Shut Down By Facebook

Facebook has shut down the second largest application, “Create Your Quiz”, built by Pencake Limited, a company which has regularly pushed the limits of the Facebook Platform. Facebook gave us the following comment when we reached out: “We recently disabled applications created by the developer of ‘Create Your Quiz’ for violating Facebook Platform policies. We enforce these policies regularly and will continue to take appropriate action against applications we find do not provide a trustworthy experience for users.”

What techniques the application was using to gain traction isn’t know, however it rose to become one of the leading application on the platform. It makes one wonder if the only two options for massive success on the Facebook Platform at this point is large advertising budgets or spammy tactics. While there are plenty of alternative quiz applications available, the developers of “Create Your Quiz” were bragging about their spam tactics to the Chinese Press (detailed here).
It’s not surprising to see the developers gone, however that instantly provided a large market for other quiz applications, like Quiz Planet and Quiz Monster, both of which have surged up the charts in recent weeks. That surge may partially be due to the fact that Facebook has switched reporting so that all child applications show up in their parent applications. It’s also simply because quiz applications are extremely popular on Facebook. Whether or not we’ll see the “Create Your Quiz” application return again is unknown. Perhaps Pencake Limited will simply be remembered as one of the great spammers of the Facebook Platform.