Create Your Quiz Rises to Become Facebook’s Third-Largest App by MAU on This Week’s List of Fastest Growers

For the first time in many months, a quiz application has risen to join Facebook’s top three applications overall, at least when measured by monthly active users. Create your Quiz tops this week’s list of fastest-gaining Facebook apps by MAU with over 5.5 million new users.

You can see on the AppData list below just how much Create Your Quiz leads by:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1. icon Create your Quiz 22,343,840 +5,557,725 +33.11
2. icon Element Analyst Creator 2,711,832 +2,150,378 +383.00
3. icon FrontierVille 20,735,154 +2,046,053 +10.95
4. icon Frases Diarias 10,672,497 +1,152,640 +12.11
5. icon Entrevista tus Amigos 13,511,949 +701,053 +5.47
6. icon Millionaire City 3,933,586 +697,906 +21.57
7. icon Phrases 20,729,515 +533,169 +2.64
8. icon SuperFun Town! 1,428,240 +503,303 +54.41
9. icon Chase Community Giving 2,134,606 +489,738 +29.77
10. icon EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars 4,892,926 +464,796 +10.50
11. icon Verdonia 3,584,918 +395,363 +12.40
12. icon 建立你的測驗 707,867 +356,098 +101.23
13. icon Appbank 2,628,629 +339,450 +14.83
14. icon Kingdoms of Camelot 3,030,739 +315,516 +11.62
15. icon Baking Life 3,486,467 +309,847 +9.75
16. icon QuizBone 1,428,936 +308,454 +27.53
17. icon vChatter 1,276,079 +300,898 +30.86
18. icon mypatente 294,679 +294,652 +1,091,303.70
19. icon Windows Live Messenger 2,866,424 +285,899 +11.08
20. icon Make Your Jersey 2,170,657 +283,201 +15.00

Since Facebook made changes in mid-June that began counting “child” apps toward their parents — i.e. apps like Create Your Quiz, which allows users to make their own simple quiz applications — we’ve been able to see just how large some apps in this category are. Just the top three in the category, which includes Quiz Planet! and Quiz Monster, claim over 50 million MAU combined now.

But even after that June change, Create Your Quiz was still tiny, with fewer than two million MAU. It has been the following month that has seen it balloon to its current size.

The developer, Pencake Limited, appears to be tapping into an international audience with both Create Your Quiz and Element Analyst Creator, which just happens to be the number two gainer this week, offering quizzes in over 30 languages — a winning strategy eased by the fact that the quizzes are user-created.

However, the app’s user comments are littered with complaints about wall spam from users. This recalls earlier large quiz apps, which pushed their viral components hard and quickly added millions of users, but were later banned by Facebook. Whether this will be the case with Create Your Quiz remains to be seen; anecdotally, Facebook seems to be more lax about its enforcement of apps that don’t focus on English-language users.

We’ll leave the rest of the list to stand for itself, but not before pointing out that two other fast-gaining apps use the same child-app mechanic as Create Your Quiz and Element Analyst: Phrases, which creates quote-generating apps, and QuizBone.