Create Your Quiz Rises Fast But Falls Hard on This Week’s List of Growing Facebook Games by MAU

This week’s list of fastest-growing Facebook apps by monthly active users is unusual for more than one reason. First, it’s actually for a period longer than a week, since Facebook didn’t update its stats for a nine-day period leading up to Saturday; thus the top 20 list below covers 11 days, and growth will look a bit higher than usual.

Second, Create your Quiz, the leader of the list, hit a major milestone by topping 28 million MAU to become Facebook’s second largest app — but only for a day, since Facebook banned it immediately afterward.

More on that below. Here’s the list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Create your Quiz 28,261,475 +5,917,635 +26%
2. Element Analyst Creator 8,030,272 +5,318,440 +196%
3. QuizBone 2,423,136 +994,200 +70%
4. Kingdoms of Camelot 3,746,121 +715,382 +24%
5. Millionaire City 4,627,217 +693,631 +18%
6. FrontierVille 21,386,522 +651,368 +3%
7. Appbank 3,278,060 +649,431 +25%
8. Bejeweled Blitz 11,414,930 +628,098 +6%
9. Windows Live Messenger 3,472,066 +605,642 +21%
10. Baking Life 4,087,511 +601,044 +17%
11. Fanglies 840,065 +572,002 +213%
12. Entrevista tus Amigos 14,044,434 +532,485 +4%
13. Fashion World 2,867,104 +527,306 +23%
14. Pirates Ahoy 555,814 +499,907 +894%
15. SuperFun Town! 1,895,303 +467,063 +33%
16. Gift Creator 5,029,207 +428,113 +9%
17. Resort World 1,759,144 +385,245 +28%
18. Games 4,545,849 +329,516 +8%
19. Nightclub City 4,840,116 +328,896 +7%
20. Jewel Box 337,107 +326,393 +3,046%

We’ve written a lot about Create Your Quiz lately. The quiz creator, by Pencake Limited, flew up the charts in a matter of weeks. Unfortunately, it was followed by a comet tail of complaints from users and developers about spam-like tactics. Last week we pointed out a Chinese-language article in a Hong Kong magazine, posted in Facebook’s developer forums, that allegedly contains an admission of spamming by Pencake.

Create Your Quiz is now gone, along with some other Pencake apps — although the company’s second-largest app that we know of, Element Analyst Creator, is also a fast-growing quiz creator and is still operating. As you can see above, it almost reached Create Your Quiz’s level of growth.

We’ll also be covering Pencake in a bit more depth soon.

Proving that quiz creators are a hot genre, QuizBone comes in third, with about a million new monthly active users, and Appbank, which does more or less the same thing, is fourth among non-game apps. Entrevista tus Amigos and Gift Creator also make an appearance; they aren’t quiz creators, but use many of the same mechanics.

Quizbone and Appbank are divided by three prominent games — we’ll be covering those in more depth over at Inside Social Games. Also note that Windows Live Messenger, which has been on the rise for several weeks, is still headed up.