Create Your Quiz Challenges the Leader on This Week’s List of Fastest-Gaining Facebook Apps by MAU

Facebook’s top quiz-creator application, Quiz Planet!, is in danger of being surpassed. Create your Quiz has risen to within striking range, picking up 5.8 million new users to lead this week’s list of fastest-growing Facebook apps by monthly active users.

Here’s the full AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Create your Quiz16,786,115+5,866,372+53.72
2.icon FrontierVille18,689,101+3,450,915+22.65
3.icon Millionaire City3,235,680+1,446,356+80.83
4.icon Phrases20,196,346+1,078,711+5.64
5.icon Entrevista tus Amigos12,810,896+1,001,584+8.48
6.icon EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars4,428,130+939,277+26.92
7.icon Chase Community Giving1,644,868+785,936+91.50
8.icon 開心 Lounge Bar648,011+619,503+2,173.08
9.icon Baking Life3,176,620+612,185+23.87
10.icon BandPage by RootMusic2,671,573+610,470+29.62
11.icon Appbank2,289,179+564,900+32.76
12.icon 2010 World Cup Jersey10,589,530+562,821+5.61
13.icon Trivias Locas – Trivias, encuestas y tests1,321,312+548,261+70.92
14.icon Social Ratings852,017+503,561+144.51
15.icon SuperFun Town!924,937+495,754+115.51
16.icon Verdonia3,189,555+476,340+17.56
17.icon Fashion World2,083,070+467,744+28.96
18.icon Element Analyst Creator561,454+465,839+487.20
19.icon Zoosk5,024,106+444,886+9.72
20.icon vChatter975,181+439,252+81.96

Phrases, the third-largest app on the platform overall, follows a structure similar to the quiz-creators, in that it allows users to spin off their own phrase-dispensing apps. Since Facebook changed its app reporting to show these child app’s userbases as part of the parent app, it has become apparent just how effective that mechanic is.

Entrevista tus Amigos, at number five with just over a million new MAU, also has an effective mechanic — asking users to respond to questions about friends, with the answers posted to their walls. We’ve watched with interest while foreign-language apps like this have grown, since Facebook appeared to go out of its way earlier this year to ban most of the English-language versions, but we haven’t seen evidence of such proactive enforcement on non-English apps yet.

Chase Community Giving, at number seven, continues from the previous week’s growth. Finally, BandPage by RootMusic is worth keeping an eye on. Since the app gives bands a MySpace-reminiscent page, it could see an even bigger rush of users if MySpace really begins charging a subscription fee for access to its own music services.

As for the games, Zynga’s newest game FrontierVille is of course leading — although its growth is slowing down. We’ll have more on that this morning over at Inside Social Games.