Create Your Own Social Network at OneDomus

one_domus.jpgA first look you’d think that OneDumus is just another one of them social networks in the likes of Friendster, mySpace and Facebook. But when you subscribe and become a member of OneDomus, you’d soon find out that there is more to it than just being an ordinary social network.

OneDomus is a fairly new social network created by young Filipino-American webtrepreneur Eric Wallace. Previously known as TheOosh, OneDomus has evolved into just your usual social networks into something more. So, what’s make OneDomus, which incidentally means, One Home, is the ability for members or subscribers to create their own social network within the OneDomus community but is actually independent of OneDomus as a whole. Sounds confusing?

Well, if you are familiar with or Flux, OneDomus is a bit similary to it. OneDomus has all the usual social network features such as:

  • Photo uploading
  • Blogging portal
  • Music download and playlist
  • Bulletin Board
  • Private Messaging
  • And more

onedumuscreatesocialnetwork.jpgBut the most exciting feature of OneDomus as I mentioned is the feature to create and run your own social network. Here’s how you can make your own social network in OneDomus:

  • Click the link to create a social network located on the lower portion of your profile screen,
  • Name your social network
  • Pick a URL unique to your social network, it will be a subdomain in the
  • Categorize your social network
  • Write a brief description of what your social network is all about
  • Upload an image to be use as an icon for your social network
  • Choose a template (there are several preloaded templates to choose from)
  • Choose your layout (drag and drop contents of your social network)
  • Customize the design of your social network some more with section, text and background color
  • Once you are satisfied, save your social network

That’s it. Now you can start inviting your friends to join your very own social network.