Create Your Mobile Web Site at Jagango in 5 Simple Steps

jajango_logo.jpgYou’ve got to give credit to the development in the mobile web industry for continually advancing the state of technology. What use to be a technically difficult task of creating mobile web site has now become an easy task. And with a user-friendly mobile creation site such as CellAdmin’s Jagango, creating your mobile web site is even more fun.

Jagango’s mobile web site creation site is loaded with pre-designed templates that you can use when creating your mobile site. After creating the site, it is save on Jagango’s server and you can invite friends to visit your mobile site through their internet-enabled mobile handset.Your Jagango websites could consists of several pages, pictures, music, logs and free text. Although this may seem cool enough for a free mobile site hosting, it would have been better if video contents can also be uploaded into the created mobile site.


So here are the five steps in creating your first Jagango-powered mobile sites:

  1. Choose a your desired template (There’s currently 17 templates to choose from)
  2. Write your content (Title of your site, body text and footer)
  3. Edit Style text (select typeface, font size, select color, align the text)
  4. Add Picture or Logo
  5. Save and Share (You must register first in order to save your mobile site and share it with friends)

I told you it was easy. If you didn’t follow those steps, click on the attached thumbnail image of a sample mobile site I made following those 5 simple steps.