Create Your Band of eBay Sellers at Seller Circle

seller_circle_logo.jpgSeller Circle is encouraging regular eBay sellers to form their own circle of eBay sellers and convince eBay buyers to shop within their circle. If you are an active eBay seller, this new social/business networking site would be useful to you. It might catapult your earnings from selling items in eBay.

sellercirclegroups.jpgAside from giving you a social community to communicate and interact with your fellow eBay sellers, Seller Circle also provides some free nifty merchandising tools that can enhance your entrepreneurial activities in eBay. One of these merchandising tool is the Floating Gallery, a cross-promotion tool that automatically inserts your eBay listings and displays other items as well. Instead of the usual way of displaying these item photos at the bottom of the listing, the Floating Gallery enables you to display items’ photos as a floating gallery at the bottom of the web browser.

For its social networking features, Seller Circle lets you create profile pages for yourself, list of your friends and groups and repeat sales-tools for your buyers. Seller Circle also lets you to easily join groups which share the share the same interest as yours.
To get you started with Seller Circle, all you have to do is sign up (takes less than a minute)

  • Add friends and join groups,
  • Use Seller Circle’s promotional tools
  • Seller Circle might actually sound like encouraging the establishment of a monopoly among groups, but there’s no rule in eBay that states you can’t do such activities anyway.

Try it out and see if it increases your eBay sales. Then share your experience with us and the Rotorblog readers.