Create website thumbnails via Shrink the Web

stw-logo.gifSince we’ve been pretty much covering many websites here in Rotorblog, part of a good coverage is to provide thumbnails of those websites. For quite sometime now, I’ve using several applications for screen capturing and then reducing and editing those screenshots via Photoshop. The process can become pretty tedious as you do it more often. That’s why Shrink the Web immediately caught my attention as it might provide me with a tool to answer my needs.

Shrink the Web is a web application for creating thumbnails of websites. By simply entering your domain, you can easily generate the thumbnail for your website. The application also gives you two ways to generate your website’s thumbnails – via simple or advanced method.

The simple method follows the usual procedure of copying and pasting codes for your sites thumbnails. While the advance method allows you to do caching and manipulation of your thumbnails.

To generate your site’s thumbnails, you need to register. After that, you can start entering the URL of your websites to generate their thumbnails.

Here is Rotorblog’s thumbnail generated using Shrink the Web thumbnail generator.