Create Uber Good Looking Website for Free and are both great platform for creating your online presence either through text, photo gallery or video blogs. But in order to make your blogs/sites as colorful and as good looking as you, you have to tweak some settings and layouts. Of course you can always be contented with the default templates of these two blog hosting sites but what if you want a blog/site which is good looking without the hassles? New blog/site creation service offers up a good alternative.

Uber is you one-step publishing tool. In few simple steps, you can have your own photo gallery, video page, blog, or a blank web page canvass. At first you might think that Uber is just your usual blog/site hosting service. In a way yeah, because it basically lets you create those sites. But what makes Uber different from other blog/site hosting service is that it offers a slew of colorful, artsy and good looking themes which you can choose to utilize with your own site.

Uber is a free web creation site. It gives you your own subdomain. And it offers up top-notch features and functionality which are easy-to-use and implement. Uber allows you to express you creativity as well.

To try this service out, you can visit, and follow the links that lets you create your sites easily, even without registering for an Uber account first. You can quickly preview the site you created and when you want to maintain it, Uber will ask you to register an account first.

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