Create Time-Lapse Videos with Hyperlapse from Instagram

Instagram has released Hyperlapse on iPhone and iPad, giving users a tool for creating high-quality time-lapse videos that can be shared to Instagram or Facebook, or saved to their camera roll for posting elsewhere. The app offers a simplistic user interface, as iOS photographers simply point and shoot lengthy videos, which are automatically condensed into a finished time-lapse product.

screen1136x1136Two counters appear while recording. One shows the real-world time that has elapsed since the recording has started, while the other shows the final length of the finished time-lapse. The default speed is 6x normal, so this counter would tick up one second for every six seconds recorded in real-time. Videos can be recorded in either portrait or landscape orientation.

After the video has been recorded, users can slow down its speed, choosing 1x, 2x, or 4x speed settings, or can speed it up to 8x, 10x, and 12x. The faster the speed, the more real-world content can be squeezed into a 15 second product (useful when sharing to Instagram). To put this into perspective, you can shrink almost five minutes of real-world video into about 25 seconds on the app’s highest setting.

While there are other video recording options on iOS, Hyperlapse advertises higher quality videos thanks to in-app stabilization, which accounts for user movement even while walking or driving, etc. This gives the app a purpose even when one isn’t interested in speeding up video content, thanks to the ability to publish videos without any speed changes.

Hyperlapse is available to download for free on iOS.